The Science department offers a range of courses suited to both academic and non-academic students. Our enthusiastic and experienced staff and technicians are committed to ensuring each student reaches their full potential as life-long learners.

The science curriculum promotes awareness of our place in, and impact on, the environment and society. Students are taught to recognise that scientific understandings evolve and must be adapted to reflect new discoveries. We encourage everyone to think critically and take problem-solving skills to the next level. Here is some extra information to help you understand course selection options.


Year 10

Students in Year 10 follow the West Australian Curriculum, covering the strands of Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science and Physics. Students examine these concepts in tailored programs using practical and real-world examples to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around them in a relevant way.

All Year 10 students study a common pathway for Semester 1. On the basis of their scores during this semester, and in the Science exam, they will be placed into one of 3 pathways for Semester 2:

Pathway 1 – This is the most challenging pathway in Year 10 and leads to any Science course in Year 11 provided the student achieves success.

Pathway 2 – This is designed for those students who do not wish to do ATAR Chemistry or Physics in Year 11. If completed successfully, this pathway will allow students to select ATAR Biology, ATAR Human Biology and our General science programs.

Pathway 3 – Our Foundation pathway is designed for students who require extra support.


Year 11

Students are able to select from a wide range of both ATAR and General courses, which enable them to continue studying after high school or explore the curious side of science and apply this learning to future career opportunities. To be able to select particular subjects in Year 11 and 12 students must meet certain prerequisites in Year 10.


ATAR Courses: Students need to achieve an A or B grade in their chosen subject and meet the requirements below:

Year 11 Course Prerequisite Required
ATARĀ  Physics 65% or more in Exam, recommendation for Maths Methods
ATAR Chemistry 65% or more in Exam, recommendation for Maths Methods or Applications
ATAR Biology, Human Biology 55% or more in Exam


General courses: There is no exam prerequisite, however students should meet the grade requirements below:

Year 11 Course Prerequisite Required
GENERAL Integrated Science Grade C or higher in 2 or more science areas
GENERAL Human Biology Grade C or higher in Biology and one other science area
GENERAL Marine and Maritime studies Grade C in higher 2 or more science areas, love of the ocean, able to swim 200m


There are various options to explore in the course handbook and the Geraldton Senior College Science staff look forward to welcoming all students.