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At Geraldton Senior College we offer a variety of language study options. These include continuation of study of Wajarri, one of the local Aboriginal languages, and Indonesian languages for those students who have studied one or both of these languages in primary school and in Year 9. These are year-long courses and are taught by experienced Language Specialists teachers who are fluent in their respective language.

We also recognise that English is not the first language for many so we offer a course called English as an Additional Language or Dialect. This course is designed to allow students to learn to communicate effectively in Standard Australian English (SAE). This variety of English is most commonly used in business, government, education and many workplaces in Australia. Through gaining an understanding of and proficiency in SAE as an additional language or dialect, students are empowered to operate in a variety of contexts, moving between language varieties appropriately. This WACE course can help students continue to study in tertiary education.

In some cases, the Literacy Team can also be of great help with individual programs.

Please enrol via the course selection form or get in touch with a Deputy Principal on 08 9965 8400 to discuss specific needs.