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From 2016 onwards, in order to achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), students must demonstrate minimum standards of literacy and numeracy either by achieving Band 8 or higher in Year 9 NAPLAN tests or by passing the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) in Reading, Writing, and Numeracy in Years 10 to 12. There are a total of six opportunities to sit OLNA – twice per year.

At Geraldton Senior College, students who are required to sit OLNA have the opportunity to attend free after-school tuition, are given practice tests and are explicitly taught the skills required. Students are able to borrow a variety of resources to practise at home to ensure they are well-prepared and fully understand the requirements of each component. In addition to this, some classes are supported by specialist literacy and numeracy teachers or by Education Assistants.

If you require any further information about OLNA or the extra support available please contact Natalie Worthington for literacy enquiries at natalie.worthington@education.wa.edu.au or Linda Spicer for numeracy enquiries at linda.spicer@education.wa.edu.au