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The Student Services team aims to foster positive relationships within a safe and supportive environment, so that students may develop good social and emotional health which in turn enhances sound academic outcomes. The team consists of a Deputy Principal, Student Services Managers, Chaplains, School Psychologist, Community Health Nurse, Aboriginal & Islander Education Officers and Attendance Officer.

The Student Services team complements the Form Model to provide pastoral care and extra-curricular opportunities for students. The transition and orientation programs are managed by the Student Services Team and aim to provide all students with a supportive entry into Geraldton Senior College.

Under the direction of Student Services staff, students can develop teamwork and leadership skills through involvement in student committees to assist in the organisation of annual College special events, including the College Ball, Spring Dance, Year 12 Leavers Jackets and Student Council.  There are also opportunities for students to be involved in fundraising for organisations in the wider community, NAIDOC celebrations and assemblies. Student Services staff are also responsible for the nomination and selection of students to represent the College at public forums and external programs in the local and wider communities.

Student Services staff work with individuals and groups to develop general and specific life skills, targeting goal setting, building self-esteem, conflict resolution, developing resilience and problem solving. Each year a program offering guest speakers and workshop opportunities is developed to address social and emotional well-being in students.

Students are encouraged to visit the Student Services centre to access support, as they move into young adulthood and take more responsibility for self-managing their health and well-being.

We value the importance of partnerships and parents are invited to contact any member of the Students Services team so that we can work together to help your child achieve to their potential.