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Rights Responsibilities
STUDENTS have the right to:

  • utilise the entire length of each block to undertake learning
  • care, courtesy & consideration
  • learn in a safe and secure environment & be aware of persons and procedures engaged to provide them with support
  • learn in a purposeful and supportive environment which develops skills appropriate to further study or the workplace
  • work in a clean, safe and pleasant environment
  • be proud of their school
STUDENTS have the responsibility to:

  • arrive at class on time, in uniform, with the equipment necessary to participate in work related tasks
  • demonstrate respect, responsibility to do their best
  • behave in a manner which does not disrupt the teaching and learning of others
  • recognise that there are consequences for their actions
  • undertake set tasks and activities with a goal to improving, achieving and reaching their full potential
  • respect the property of the school and others, and leave all areas clean and tidy
  • act as good ambassadors in representing the College
STAFF have the right to:

  • use the entire length of each teaching block for their planned and prepared activities
  • care, courtesy & consideration
  • teach and work in a clean, safe and pleasant environment
  • teach in a purposeful and non-disruptive environment
STAFF have the responsibility to:

  • model punctual attendance, appropriate dress standards and good organisation
  • develop positive relationships with students
  • work collaboratively with others who provide support to students within the College
  • plan, prepare and deliver lessons that engender improvement and achievement and which will be useful in post-schooling environments
  • report student progress to parents
  • model good practise in maintaining a clean College environment, and assisting students to do likewise
PARENTS have the right to:

  • be informed of their child’s attendance record
  • be informed of College policy and procedures
  • advocate for their child in matters relevant to receiving an appropriate education
  • be informed of  information relevant to courses and curriculum and of their child’s progress
PARENTS have the responsibility to:

  • ensure their child attends school in uniform and has the necessary equipment to enable them to participate in learning experiences
  • engage with relevant College personnel to provide additional support to their child when required
  • work in collaboration with the College in promoting and enforcing behaviours that enable  a safe and secure environment
  • provide an environment which enables their child to complete homework, and ensure their child engages in homework and good study practices.