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Letters have been posted to families regarding uniform arrangement for next year, including entitlement to a uniform package. If you have not received this letter and want to check your entitlement, please phone school reception on 9965 8400.

Uniforms for 2019 will be available from Wednesday 2 January 2019 from Total Uniforms (2B Jensen St, Geraldton). Families are encouraged to visit the store early in the month to avoid the rush and take advantage of size selection.

Total Uniforms will enable exchange of items that are unworn, unwashed and with all tags still on the garment. Ideally, the item will be in its original packaging. If you are receiving the package, the only item that can be swapped for an alternative item is the tracksuit pants. It is recognised that not all students would like to wear tracksuit pants. Therefore, you are able to exchange the tracksuit pants for the formal navy trousers and pay the difference.

Please note the new uniform policy states the requirements of our daily uniform:

  • (Year 7-10) Navy and sky blue polo shirt with GSHS logo
  • (Year 11-12) Navy and white polo shirt with GSHS logo
  • Navy shorts with GSHS embroidery
  • Navy tracksuit pants with GSHS embroidery
  • Navy jacket with GSHS logo
  • Navy trousers (defined style/brand from Total Uniforms)
  • Enclosed shoes, suitable for sport and practical classes
  • Program specific shirt (i.e. Midwest Clontarf Academy, STEP, Music Ensemble) with GSHS logo
  • Leavers jacket of current year
  • Religious dress in school colours
  • Broad brimmed hats recommended when outdoors but must be removed indoors (navy blue broad brimmed hat – optional and available from Total Uniforms)
  • Appropriate sporting shirt, shorts or pants and shoes for Physical Education classes
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment is to be worn where required

Year 12 formal uniform (can be worn everyday but required for formal events including assemblies and Valedictory):

  • White collared shirt
  • School tie
  • Navy blue trousers (defined style/ brand from Total Uniforms)
  • Black shoes preferred

Items that are not permitted to be worn at school in 2019 include:

  • GSC uniforms
  • Hoodies
  • Extra jumper under the school jacket
  • Beanies
  • Board shorts or beach wear
  • Thongs and other non-enclosed shoes
  • Visible, coloured undergarments such as t-shirts, bathers, boxer shorts, bras
  • Denim clothing

It is inappropriate for students to wear excessive make-up, jewellery or piercings at school. Any jewellery or piercing must comply with the occupational health and safety requirements of the environment.

Upon enrolment students, who for religious or health reasons, may apply to modify the school Dress Code. Please speak with the enrolment officer for further details.

The Dress Code is monitored on a daily basis. Non-compliance can affect whether a student is eligible to attend or participate in school events. Unless otherwise instructed, students are asked to wear school uniforms on excursions. Students refusing to follow the dress code will not be permitted to enter the school cafeteria – students can access an external service window for purchases. Students not in full school dress code will be directed to a designated part of the school for their recess and lunch break times. Ongoing non-adherence to the dress code will require a parent/student meeting with the college administration.

If you require any clarification or would like to discuss a particular case, please contact the school on 08 9965 8400.