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The College Dress Code for all students:

  • Navy or white polo shirts embroidered with College crest
  • White cotton blouse/collared shirt
  • Plain navy blue or school slacks, shorts or skirts (skirts and shorts are to be of an acceptable length)
  • Navy College windcheater or jumper embroidered with College crest
  • Appropriate clothing for VET and Enterprise programs
  • Religious dress (in school colours)
  • Special group uniforms (eg. Band, Catering, Footy Academy, STEP, etc.)
  • No denim is permitted

The College Dress Code for Year 12 Students:

  • White, collared dress shirt
  • Leavers jumper of current year
  • College tie is encouraged for daily wear, but is required for formal occasions
  • Black/Navy pants – for formal occasions


  • Enclosed shoes as appropriate for subject areas
  • Sports shoes, joggers, sneakers
  • Thongs are not permitted


It is inappropriate for students to wear excessive make-up, jewellery or piercings at school.  Any jewellery or piercing must comply with the occupational health and safety requirements of the environment. Hats and caps are encouraged to be worn to and from school and in the school grounds, but are NOT to be worn indoors (eg. during class, at assemblies or in office areas).

Other inappropriate items include:

  • Any clothing displaying inappropriate or offensive motifs or text
  • Articles of clothing tied around the person
  • Articles of clothing which are too short or too tight (ie. Immodest)
  • Articles of clothing which identify students with particular groups eg gangs/sports
  • Non-College board shorts or beach wear
  • Beanies/bandanas
  • Thongs/backless shoes/thin strapped sandals
  • Visible coloured undergarments (eg. T-shirt, bathers, boxer shorts, bras, waistbands)

Official uniform items may be purchased from uniform and clothing shops within Geraldton. Please note that no denim is permitted. Hats and caps are encouraged to be worn to and from school and in the school grounds, but are NOT to be worn indoors.

Upon enrolment students, who for religious or health reasons, may apply to modify the College Dress Code. Please speak with the enrolment officer for further details.

College Dress Code is monitored on a daily basis. Non-compliance can affect whether a student is eligible to attend or participate in school events such as the College Ball, Spring Dance, Carnivals and other reward activities. Unless otherwise instructed, students are asked to wear College uniforms on excursions. Students refusing to follow college dress code will not be permitted to enter the school cafeteria – students can access an external service window for purchases. Students not in full college dress code will be directed to a designated part of the school for their recess and lunch break times. Ongoing non-adherence to the dress code will require a parent/student meeting with the college administration.

Please refer to the College Information Booklet for the full policy wording. If you require any clarification or would like to discuss a particular case, please contact the school on 08 9965 8400.

2017 Parent Information Booklet