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At Geraldton Senior College we look to establish a culture of openness where students who are feeling bullied can come and speak with appropriate links at the school.

Orientation days are held at the beginning of each year for incoming Year 10 students where they meet members of staff who are trained in this area and can help all students throughout the year to diffuse situations.

We operate with a pastoral care model to provide students with support from Form Teachers, Student Services, School Psychologist, Chaplain, Nurse and Aboriginal & Islander Education Officers. All staff engages in professional learning to develop their skills and knowledge of behaviour management techniques.

Our staff is passionate about working with young adults at a senior school level and are available to help whenever someone needs a hand. “I’ll stop doing what I’m doing to help,” says Kim Treffone, Deputy Principal. “If you’re not here to tell me, I don’t know that there is a problem. It’s our job to help.”

Bullying can take many forms such as:

• Physical bullying, such as hitting, pushing or punching
• Verbal bullying, such as teasing, name-calling or swearing
• Nonverbal or emotional bullying, such as intimidating someone through gestures, spreading rumours, making threats and exclusion
• Cyber bullying, by sending insulting messages by phone, SMS, e-mail, or social media

Please refer to the Parent Information Booklet for the full policy wording including:

• What to do if you are being bullied and the effects of bullying
• What to do if you see someone being bullied
• What role staff plays and what will be done about it
• Parental involvement and what can be done
• Consequences for those who are bullying

If you require any clarification or would like to discuss a particular case, please contact the school on 08 9965 8400.

2017 Parent Information Booklet