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Each school day begins with Form class at 8:55am. The siren will sound at 8:50am to signal everyone to move to class. Please note the following:

Arriving late to school

  • proceed to Student Services to sign-in and receive a pass to enable entry into class
  • a reason for the lateness should be provided by phone, a note or an entry into the student’s diary

Leaving during the school day

  • bring a note from a parent/caregiver explaining the reason for the absence
  • the note should be provided to the form teacher
  • before leaving the College the student must proceed to Student Services, sign-out and be issued with an official Department of Education Leave Pass

Not coming to school today?

It is a legal requirement of the Department of Education that all absences are explained within 3 days of the absence. Not doing this may affect eligibility for events at the College and some Centrelink payments.

Parents/Guardians can let the school know of student absences, explaining the valid reason by:

  • phoning the School Attendance Officer on 08 9965 8415
  • completing the absentee form in the school app
  • texting us on 0407 081 344
  • emailing geraldton.sc.studentservices@education.wa.edu.au
  • writing a note to the form teacher
  • informing the form teacher by way of the school diary

Parents/Guardians with prior knowledge of an absence (such as a pre-arranged medical procedure) are encouraged to advise the school in advance.

If a student is absent for an unknown reason, parents will be notified by text message. The school must have current mobile phone contacts for this to occur. This system also enables parents/guardians to reply by text.

The College looks forward to working together with parents/guardians to monitor student attendance.

2017 Parent Information Booklet