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The Behaviour Management Plan and processes employed at Geraldton Senior College endeavour to support students, staff, parents and care givers through the development of positive relationships that enhance outcomes for students.

The Pastoral Care model at Geraldton Senior College provides students with support from a range of services. The Student Services team consists of people with a wide range of skills and focuses on helping you and your child. You may phone the Student Services area directly on 9965 8415 to get in touch with:

  • Attendance Officer
  • Nurse
  • Chaplains
  • School Psychologist
  • Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers
  • Year Coordinators
  • Managers of Student Services

Targeted students will be provided opportunities to undertake learning to develop peer relationships, manage conflict and build resiliency.

Where possible, staff will engage in professional learning to develop their skills and knowledge of behaviour management techniques. Professional learning may include Classroom Management Strategies and Restorative Practices programs.

Parent and care giver involvement is encouraged through participation in informal and formal communication with College teachers and support staff, and involvement in case conferencing. Information relevant to the College ‘Positive Behaviour Support’ process will be distributed through the College newsletter and annually to parents with student reports. The College Board can also be used as a vehicle to engage parents and community members in school planning and development.

All students and staff at Geraldton Senior College are expected to:

  • Show care, courtesy and consideration to and for all
  • Adhere to Department of Education policies and College plans and procedures to maintain a safe, supportive and pleasant environment
  • Respect and support each other to do your best and achieve your full potential

Students are provided with learning opportunities to develop peer relationships, manage conflict and build resiliency.