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Student Behaviour Expectations

Geraldton Senior College engenders a Positive Behaviour Support model to assist students meet the College expectations of Respect, Responsibility and Doing Your Best.
Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) focuses on the development of school wide systems which promote expected student behaviour, in specific settings, enabling students to take responsibility for their behavioural choices.

PBS Purpose Statement

Geraldton Senior College specifically and consistently teaches positive behaviours. In staying true to our core expectations we seek to maintain a safe, respectful and orderly learning environment for all students and staff.

We value the contributions from the whole school community to achieve our common purpose.

School Expectations


We believe respect is the foundation of positive relationships and harmony. At Geraldton Senior College, we respect people and treat them as we would like them to treat us – without exception.


At Geraldton Senior College, we understand responsibility is something that is shown by making positive contributions to the school environment. We believe positive results come from positive effort. In taking responsibility for our own actions, words and appearance, we create a positive environment.

Doing our best

We are all active learners at Geraldton Senior College, and we strive every day to work towards personal best performances. Regardless of the learning area or level we are at, our skills and understandings improve by doing our best. We know we might not always be the best, but we can always try to do our best. This attitude is the key to personal success.


We show Respect by… We show Responsibility by… We show Doing Your Best by…
Whole School
  • Listening and following staff instructions
  • Allowing free and easy movement around the campus
  • Using acceptable language
  • Complying with the college dress code
  • Showing care for others and yourself
  • Being a good role model to others
  • Keeping the grounds clean and rubbish in the bin
  • Displaying pride in our school grounds
  • Having a go and participating in college events
Learning Areas
  • Practising good listening skills
  • Letting others learn
  • Looking after equipment
  • Being punctual
  • Entering the classroom in an orderly fashion
  • Adhering to deadlines
  • Being accountable for behaviour and work output
  • Following learning area protocol
  • Having all equipment ready and be willing to work
  • Having goals and striving to achieve them
  • Transferring skills across all areas
Excursions Central Regional TAFE/ GRTTC
  • Being polite and using good manners
  • Acknowledging the opportunity available
  • Being prepared
  • Observing relevant protocols
  • Showing enthusiasm
  • Working towards and achieving goals
Administration / Student Services
  • Greeting others pleasantly
  • Choosing appropriate behaviour
  • Being presentable
  • Assisting others
  • Being efficient in our business
  • Showing respect  for all others in all aspects of electronic behaviour
  • Adopting appropriate ergonomic posture and practice
  • Following the agreement signed in the school diary
  • Saving all work in an organised manner
  • Acknowledging all sources of information
  • Listening attentively
  • Applauding speakers, presenters and performers
  • Acknowledging the achievements of others
  • Being free of distractions
  • Assisting with the organisation of the assembly hall
  • Contributing to the program where appropriate
  • Performing when invited