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The Student Services team aims to foster positive relationships within a safe and supportive environment, so that students may develop good social and emotional health which in turn enhances sound academic outcomes. The team consists of a Deputy Principal, Student Services Managers, Year Co-Ordinators, Chaplains, School Psychologist, Community Health Nurse, Aboriginal & Islander Education Officers and Attendance Officer.

There are many other resources available for students to access. More information is available through the links in this category.

If you’re not feeling so well and need someone to talk to outside of school, you might like to try one of the resources listed in the following link. It contains a pdf with some phone numbers of organisations who specifically deal with and understand youth issues. Most are free to call and have online options so you can chat rather than talk. Many are available at all hours of the day and night… there when you need it.

Click the link for the list and remember that we’re all here to help.