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Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 have varied requirements so specific information related to each year level is detailed via the links below.

In Year 10, students study a common curriculum. They undergo career counselling to start making decisions around their interests and look towards taking advantage of the many pathways available to them in Year 11. It is important for students to understand that it is a great time to take advantage these opportunities as if it turns out that that pathway isn’t what they thought it would be, then there is time to try something else. Read more about Year 10 student courses, booklists and contributions here.

In Year 11, students may embark on either a vocational education pathway or an ATAR pathway. This sets up options such as continuing education or moving into the workforce at the end of Year 12. There are many options to suit student interests and are available for study. Read more about Year 11 student courses, booklists, course charges and contributions here.

In Year 12, students continue on their pathway or may choose a different direction. It is an exciting year being the final year in high school but one that has it’s own demands.  Students have the opportunity to gain achievements such as WACE, an ATAR rank and/or a certificate in their chosen field of study to help prepare for the future. Read more about Year 12 student courses, booklists, course charges and contributions here.