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  • Induction Assembly

    Induction Assembly

    Congratulations and a warm thanks to those students who have stepped up to represent and lead the student body for 2017. Here are a few highlights of the assembly:

  • 2017 Shine Graduation

    2017 Shine Graduation

    Congratulations to all Shine students for completing another year full of workshops, learning and bonded friendships. Students who have completed Year 12 and were past Shine participants were recognised and congratulated for their efforts.

  • Midwest Clontarf Academy 2016 Celebration

    Midwest Clontarf Academy 2016 Celebration

    Congratulations to the students, staff and families who work so hard over the year to contribute the the successes of these young people. This also couldn’t happen without the contributions from the community and industry […]

  • Food Safari travels around the world!

    Food Safari travels around the world!

    Congratulations to the Year 10 Food Safari group who this semester worked on researching a European country, including its’ culture, traditions and, of course, food! Here are some highlights of the students hard at work […]

  • 2016 Year 11 Leavers Assembly

    2016 Year 11 Leavers Assembly

    Congratulations to all award winners – here are a few highlights!

  • Parent Information Booklet

    Good afternoon to all parents and care givers, We have completed the updates to our 2017 Parent Information booklet including new policies such as the Drug and Alcohol Education Guidelines, the need to keep your […]

  • Student email accounts

    Hey students! Did you know that you have a student email account? You may remember it from the good ‘ol days at primary school. It’s still there and has stuff in it, like the latest […]

  • Back in Time with Year 11 Drama

    Back in Time with Year 11 Drama

  • Beginner Surf Lessons

    Beginner Surf Lessons

    Photos from a fun activity to develop water confidence and independence for GSC students!

  • 2016 Leavers Assembly

    2016 Leavers Assembly