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Welcome to a special publication of the Link newsletter. There has been so much happening this term and we thought you might like to find out more about it.

Visit by Premier
The Hon. Mark McGowan, Premier of Western Australia, visited the school recently to announce the new names of both Geraldton Senior College (GSC) and John Willcock College (JWC) from 2019 onwards. The new name for GSC will be Geraldton Senior High School (GSHS) and JWC will be known as Champion Bay Senior High School (CBSHS).

The school has finalised its new logo and if you have not yet seen it, please see the images below. The process of deciding what the new uniform will be is almost complete. We will not be going back to the old uniform when the school first began in 1939 as indicated in the local newspaper, but instead the new uniform will incorporate the original colours of the school which were navy blue, sky blue, gold and white. A sample of the polo shirt and jacket for the junior student uniform appears below.
Artboard 1-80
2019 GSHS Jr Uniforms

Uniform for 2019
The school has been working with a local uniform supplier and distributor to finalise the uniform for 2019. We are really pleased with where we are at and I am sure students will like the new uniform. Feedback from current students has been extremely positive.

The Department of Education is very aware of the costs associated with having to purchase new uniforms when changes are made by others. As a result of the structural change announced by the Government of Western Australia to Geraldton Senior College, there has been a generous subsidy made available (through the school) to parents of those students affected. This will impact on current Year 9 students at JWC who will be attending GSHS in 2019, current Year 10 students who will be entering Year 11 in 2019, and current Year 11 students who will be attending Year 12 in 2019. More details about this will be provided as more information comes to light and the uniform for 2019 is finalised.

We are currently working hard in our planning for 2019 and part of this is to ensure those students who intend coming to GSHS in 2019 are enrolled. If you know of anyone who has not enrolled and you think they intend coming to GSHS next year, we would really appreciate it if you could let them know that we are keen to get their enrolment finalised. This refers mainly to current Year 6 and Year 9 students.

Thank you for your continued support.

Greg Kelly

Inside this edition:

  • WA Premier Mark McGowan visits Geraldton Senior College
  • Collecting your child when sick or for an appointment
  • OLNA is on the way
  • Year 12 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation students put through their paces
  • NAIDOC Week Celebrations
  • Arts Extravaganza
  • Geraldton Senior College in the community
  • Art students showcased
  • Chocolate Chip Galaxies
  • Year 12 students’ learning lead on to independent living
  • Life on Mars?
  • Speaking of space…
  • Alumni win awards
  • Upcoming Events

WA Premier Mark McGowan visits Geraldton Senior College

Student Leaders were brought together for a ‘round-table’ open discussion with WA Premier Mark McGowan this term. After listening to a brief summary of his life and career, students were able to pose questions to the Premier. Much of the discussion surrounded the transition out of high school and personal traits that may help in the future. Mr McGowan highlighted the need to work hard; make mistakes but also to keep going; be prepared to do things that you don’t want to do; and to be a consensus person who uses modern leadership skills of listening, speaking, helping others understand and come along with you.

As with his political career, Mr McGowan encourages young people to take advantage of opportunities that become available. After his career in the Navy, he found an opportunity to get into politics and continued working to achieve each goal.

“As a young person finishing high school, I would have never imagined that I would one day be the Premier of WA. It was akin to saying that I would be an astronaut.”

When asked about public speaking skills, Mr McGowan admitted that at one time in life, he was a very nervous and shaky public speaker. He was proud to admit that for the past 10 years he no longer needed notes and dot points to refer to. This achievement was not found without much effort.

The students appreciated the opportunity and learned about his role as Premier including the hectic schedule and the pressures of public life.

While here, Mr McGowan met with the press and both high school principals to formally announce the name changes for 2019. Geraldton Senior College will be known as Geraldton Senior High School and John Willcock College will be known as Champion Bay Senior High School.
English Courtyard

Collecting your child when sick or for an appointment

With so many students at school each day, it is inevitable that someone is going to need to leave early due to illness or an appointment. As mentioned in previous newsletters, we have a duty of care which begins when students arrive at school each day. We ask that parents contribute to supporting this by noting and following the procedure in place for when students are ill or need to leave for an appointment.

Your child is not feeling well
1/ He or she is to speak with the teacher who will send him or her to Student Services with a note.
2/ Your child will receive care from our School Nurse, Year Coordinators or Student Services Managers.
3/ If they deem that your child is unable to stay at school, someone from the team will ring you to collect him or her.
4/ Your child will sign out and meet you in the reception office of the school. You are asked to come into the office to collect your child.

Your child has an appointment that you know about beforehand
1/ Give your child a note to present to his or her form teacher at the beginning of the day.
2/ Your child will receive a green pass to allow him or her to leave class at the specified time to sign out at Student Services.
3/ Your child will meet you in the reception office of the school. You are asked to come into the office to collect your child.

Your child has an unexpected appointment
1/ Phone the Student Services area on 9965 8415.
2/ A staff member will find your child and have him or her sign out.
3/ Your child will meet you in the reception office of the school. You are asked to come into the office to collect your child.

Your child can only be collected by the contacts listed on file that you determined upon enrolment. This may not include extended family members. In these cases, permission needs to be granted for extended family members or friends to pick up your child. Alternatively, you can change the information and contacts we have on file by requesting the change in writing or by email.

Thank you for assisting us in keeping your child safe.


OLNA is on the way

A reminder that students will be sitting the next round of Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessments during a three week period, beginning on 27 August.

If your Year 11 or 12 child has not yet passed OLNA, free tutoring is available in block 5 on Thursdays (otherwise known as the 25th block in the school).

There are free practise examples for the reading, writing and numeracy assessments on the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) website. Click here to be redirected to the log-in page. The username is: olna and the password is: prac14.

There is a Parents and Carers page on the SCSA website which has Frequently Asked Questions and details about the exam. Click here to view these details.

Finally, a couple more resources supplied by our college Literacy and Numeracy Coordinators are included in this article and can be downloaded via the buttons below. Thank you to Lucy Mason and Linda Spicer for these resources.

Year 12 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation students put through their paces

Our Year 12 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation students attended an F45 (Functional 45) training session. This was a local fitness business which students requested to learn more about. They had seen the building, heard about others in the program but didn’t know what the full program entailed. Michelle, the business owner, set them through their paces and at the end discussed how she became an owner of an F45 franchise and the study pathway to become a trainer for the business. The students found the session fun, hard and definitely engaging.

NAIDOC Week Celebrations

NAIDOC Week at Geraldton Senior College kicked off with the inaugural NAIDOC Assembly. This brought the whole school together to recognise the importance of this celebration and share culture. The students and community played a key role in this assembly. Students presented musical pieces on the digeridoo, speeches and poems written by themselves and elders both in English and Yamaji. Community members donated their time to create a video about some of the local historical stories and how they feel about NAIDOC. Each piece was inspired by the national theme, ‘Because of her, we can’. The tradition of cutting and serving cake continued.

Each day involved festive activities. These included all-female football games during lunch, kangaroo stew cook-up, sausage sizzle, Radio MAMA broadcast and more football games.

Thank you all students and staff who co-ordinated the events, donated their time and made it all happen. It was a fun and memorable week!

Arts Extravaganza

Thank you to all the parents and students who braved a stormy night to come out to enjoy an evening of visual art, photography, performance and amazement! It was a wonderful event with a full house.

Congratulations to all performers, exhibitors and volunteers!
IMG_9295 - web

Geraldton Senior College in the community

It has been pleasant and rewarding to see staff at Geraldton Senior College donating their time and expertise this term by volunteering in events to engage and support our community.

The Goodness Festival held their festival launch at the Geraldton Regional Trade Training Centre. Community groups and two schools came together to provide science-related activities to be enjoyed by all ages.

Staff from Geraldton Senior College provided activities including some of the fun, yet relevant, tasks that have been taking place in our classrooms so far this year. These included: racing CO2 dragsters, making and testing paper rockets, testing out welding skills on the virtual welding machine, and cutting shapes into metal using the hand-held and machine-operated plasma cutters. A big thank you also goes to the music students who took out some time to perform for the crowd.

Geraldton Senior College has also hosted a two-day Digital Technologies Workshop presented by the Australian Computing Academy. This professional learning workshop for primary and secondary teachers focused on the Digital Technologies curriculum and looked further at the different coding aspects covered. Geraldton Senior College teachers are looking forward to implementing this in 2019.

Year 6 students have been enjoying ‘Come and Try’ days at the school. Students from Allendale Primary School, Beachlands Primary School, Waggrakine Primary School and Geraldton Primary School met Design and Technology staff and enjoyed two hours full of activity. They constructed a toy spinner out of metal which introduced the concepts such as marking out, hand tools, technical drawings, fabrication machinery and workshop safety. They were also able to use machines such as the virtual welder, CNC Plasma cutter, and 3D printers. Using the plasma cutter, they made a class memento out of steel. Using the 3D printer, they printed small Minecraft key tags.

Lisa Criddle, Principal at Allendale Primary School, said, “Our students and staff are over the moon! This was such a brilliant program! I’ve never seen them so excited, engaged and positive. Thanks so much.”

YO 2018 Finalists

Art students showcased

Artwork created by four Year 12 students in Geraldton Senior College is currently featured in the Young Originals Exhibition at ECU in Mt Lawley. Congratulations to Ashianna Nomlie, Caitlin Button, Shiloh Luscombe and Tyler Sillery-Maxwell for being selected. The work can be viewed on the Young Originals website by clicking here.

Mark Miragliotta, Arts Teacher

Chocolate Chip Galaxies

Did you know the universe is expanding? Well, we did have the Big Bang which resulted in all energy and matter expanding outwards like a bomb.

The students in the Year 12 ATAR Physics course have been focusing on the Standard Model and Cosmology. This means we have been looking at the smallest particles in the universe to the largest thing we know of, the universe itself.

Modelling the expansion of the universe was a challenge accepted by the students. With a little help from Mrs Robinson, a bit of cookie dough and some precise measurements, we proved that all the chocolate chip galaxies were moving away from all the other galaxies. A highly important and tasty concept in modern physics.

Martin Sellar, Science Teacher

Year 12 students’ learning lead on to independent living

Each week for the remainder of the term, Year 12 students will be covering various life topics during Form. Guest speakers have been invited to discuss topics that help Year 12 students transition into life after school. These include Joblink, Headspace, SDERA, ambulance services and more.

One such presentation was given by Shannon Wegert of the Professionals, Geraldton. She spoke about how to apply for a rental home, what you need to show to put your best foot forward and what you need to do to keep it.

Interestingly, Year 12 General Maths students are currently studying home loans, the buying process and how to calculate the true value of borrowing funds. The online tools that students access through classroom iPads are useful in not only calculating the values but also looking at specific terms and conditions of the various loans. The content of this component of the course also covers loans for cars, appliances, bills and other household goods.

“It is challenging to understand all the different options available. It becomes easier as you go along and get more in-depth information about each loan option. It is worthwhile and interesting to look at this now, since we are all becoming more independent in the near future,” said Kyla, Year 12 student.

Life on Mars?

The Year 12 Integrated Science class is learning about life in space and attempting to mimic the composition of soil found on Mars. The students have found the composition to be quite powdery and applied water tends to sit on top without being absorbed quickly.

In the movie ‘The Martian’, the main character is shown growing potatoes in a similar soil. NASA scientists were also able to grow plant matter using this soil composition.

Can the Geraldton Senior College students grow watercress in this soil? And how does it compare to potting mix (aka earth soil)? These soil testers will continue their exploration over the coming weeks.

Levah Bairstow, Science Teacher

Speaking of space…

Year 10 META Science students will travel to Perth later this year to attend the First Lego League competition. The theme this year is ‘Into Orbit’. Students think like scientists and engineers as they innovate scientific solutions to solve real-world problems as well as a set of space-themed missions using the STEM process, Lego Mindstorm robots, 3D printing and many other high-tech gadgets.

It’s not only about robot performance though. Teams must operate with the core values of celebrating discovery, teamwork and gracious professionalism.

All the best to the students as they prepare for this fun and challenging experience!

Miin-Tyi Chao, META Science Teacher

Trainee of the Year Finalists
Best dressed Cameron Todd and Savannah McIntosh with Mark Cox
GCo Electrical apprentices
Iluka and Paige MacGregor

Alumni win awards

At the recent annual ATC (Apprentice and Traineeship Company) Awards, some of our past students were recognised for their hard work in their apprenticeships and traineeships.

Congratulations to:

Trainee of Year nominations
Chantelle Crotty
Paige McGregor (winner)

Apprentice of the Year nominations
Sean Chadwick
Aaron Jordan
Ryan Prunster

Best Dressed
Savannah McIntosh

The foundation for their pathways to future training started with all of us at Geraldton Senior College and when talking to them, they all reflect and acknowledge the school and staff involved.

Cameron Todd, Manager Career and Vocational Education

Upcoming Events

Monday 27 August - OLNA begins
Saturday 1 Septemeber - Spring Dance
Tuesday 11 September - P&C Meeting at Geraldton Senior College - 6pm
Friday 21 September - Final day of Term 3 and last day for non-ATAR Year 12 students
Monday 8 October - Staff Development Day
Tuesday 9 October - First day of Term 4
Tuesday 9 October - P&C Meeting at Geraldton Senior College - 6pm
Friday 12 October - Youth Literature Day
Monday 15 October - Year 12 ATAR students return
Friday 19 October - Year 12 Leavers Assembly
Monday 22 October - Valedictory
Friday 16 November - Final day for non-ATAR Year 11 students
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