Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the second half of the school year. I take this opportunity to welcome new staff to the school including Ms Chloe Fraser who has been appointed to the Mathematics Department. Ms Fraser replaces Mr Olaf Buma who has finished his long association with Geraldton Senior College. Ms Tilly Harman joins us from John Willcock College and replaces Mr Dan Burke who has taken leave for the remainder of the year. Mr Boris Ioannidis is on Long Service Leave and we welcome Mr Russell Jones to the Technologies Department. We welcome Ms Emma Scally who is providing additional support to the Health and Physical Education Learning Area.

Reports and Parent-Teacher Interviews
School reports are an integral part of the communication that takes place between the school, the student and the parent/caregiver. A school report provides vital information that informs what students have demonstrated and what they need to do to achieve the successes they are capable of. If you were unable to attend the recent Parent-Teacher Interview Evening, I encourage you to contact the school to make appointments to discuss your child’s report with their teachers. The correlation between high levels of achievement by students and their attendance was noticeable.

Busy Term Ahead
Term 3 is an extremely busy one for staff as they work to consolidate student learning that has taken place in Semester 1. The school has commenced planning in preparation for next year with student enrolments, student subject selection and timetable preparation. Students also face a busy period ahead after receiving their Semester 1 report. It is expected that all students will reflect on their achievement and progress in Semester 1 and work through what is needed in Semester 2 to improve their learning and achieve the goals they have set themselves.

Uniform Changes for 2019
The school continues to prepare for Year 7 students entering Geraldton Senior High School in 2019. Information will soon be provided to parents of 2019 Year 10, 11 and 12 students about the new school uniform and support to be provided by the Department of Education for the introduction and purchase of the new uniform.

Amazing Opportunities
Our school vision focuses on providing every student opportunities in a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment. This was so evident recently when many students were given the opportunity to have incredible experiences in a range of activities organised through the school. A large number of students have had the opportunity to listen to guest speakers who provided information that inspired students. The recent presentation by former student Jackie Hodson at our Founders Day Assembly was amazing and inspired students, staff and visitors. Her story made us all think about how fortunate we are to be able to carry out everyday tasks. A large group of students attended the annual Country Week Carnival and returned with many memories, as did the students who travelled to Huntsville, Alabama in the USA to participate in an Advanced Space Camp. The school continues to offer opportunities to students so they can learn more about what lies ahead.

Duty of Care
The staff of Geraldton Senior College is entirely committed to ensuring that all students in our care are supported in the best possible way. We have a duty of care to oversee the safety and wellbeing of students whilst they are at school. There are many students who travel to school each day via the local bus service which is classified as public transport and our duty of care for these students begins when they arrive. It is challenging for the school to provide the duty of care expected when students are asking to be dropped off in town on their way to school or walking back into town prior to the first siren at 8:50am.

If your child catches a bus to school, it would be appreciated if you could have a conversation with them about the school's duty of care and what this means in regards to their own personal safety.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in the education of your child.

Greg Kelly

Inside this edition:

  • Country Week
  • Founders Assembly
  • Young Jeweller’s Award
  • Tourism students attend CGG Tourism Investment Summit
  • Rocketing through the last day of term
  • Speaking of rockets… let’s get the low-down on Space Camp!
  • Outstanding effort in Outdoor Education
  • Young musicians gain experience from Jazz Orchestra
  • Metalwork projects give students a chance to stretch their skills
  • A taste of Metallurgical Engineering
  • Arts Extravaganza - You're invited!
  • Upcoming Events

Country Week

Country Week 2018 gave our students the opportunity to display their skills and ability against schools all across WA in a highly competitive sporting environment.

It was an enjoyable and successful event, thanks to the respect that students showed towards each other, their teachers, opponents and officials.

Attitude is everything and the success of the week was truly reflected in the positive and contagious attitudes of the students. During the week we received many compliments from the public, hotel staff and guests for the respectful and well-mannered behaviour of our students.

Students gave their best effort at every challenge during the week. Even those that were injured showed great character and played their part as valuable team members.

The 2018 team were a fun group and the week was highlighted by every student showing respect, doing their best and taking responsibility for their own actions and behaviour.

The overall results:
  • Mr O’Sullivan’s B Grade Hockey finished in 3rd place
  • Mr Kerr’s A Grade Boys Basketball finished in 4th place
  • Mr Stone’s A Grade Girls Basketball finished in 3rd place
  • Miss Wellstead’s C Grade Netball finished in 3rd place
  • Mr Todd’s C Grade Touch finished in 3rd place
  • Ms. Corlett’s Dance team finished in 4th place in their division
In addition to these results, Josh Hunt and Abby Maynard were awarded MVP’s for their Basketball performance over the week and were selected to represent School Sports WA in an All Stars game later in the year against the Associated Catholic Colleges.

Kya Rowcroft received an Active Achiever award for her involvement with the Geraldton Lifesaving Club and competing in the prestigious Champion Lifesaver competition.

Finally we would like to thank Ms Caroline Rowcroft for reaching out to members of the community to raise funds for the healthy Subway lunches and fresh fruit that was provided to us throughout the week. Each year, we rely on the support and generous donations made by these respectable community leaders and I would like to acknowledge them for their contribution to the healthy lunch program this year.

Thank you to:
Mr Ian Blayney, MLA
Hon. Laurie Graham, MLC
Hon. Darren West, MLC
Hon. Colin de Grussa, MLC

I am very proud of the sportsmanship and maturity that was displayed by our students. I commend the Geraldton Senior College Country Week group on their efforts that truly encompassed our school values of respect, responsibility and doing your best.

I would like to once again thank all of the individuals who contributed in some way, irrespective of the role you played. It was this collaborative effort that achieved such a rewarding and successful week.

Hendrix Stone and Aleisha Hosken, Country Week Co-ordinators
Emily Bishop and Elliot Bennett, Country Week Captains

Founders Assembly

Each year, we celebrate the anniversary of the inception of our school in 1939. This year marks the 79th birthday.

Principal, Greg Kelly gave an overview of the history of regional schools, “Our school is the 5th oldest public regional Senior High School in WA. In 1914 Eastern Goldfields Senior High School (in Kalgoorlie) was officially opened as the first public Senior High School. This was followed by Northam Senior High School in 1921, Bunbury Senior High School in 1923, Albany Senior High School in 1924 and then Geraldton Senior High School in 1939. Whilst Eastern Goldfields Senior High School no longer exists, in recent years I have been fortunate to be able to visit Northam, Albany and Bunbury Senior High Schools which are very similar in design to our school, and like us, have a very strong school culture and proud tradition.”

It is customary that we invite a graduate to return to the assembly and speak about what they have done since high school. We welcomed Jackie Hodson, with open arms, to hear her reflections on high school life and how it differs to adult life. We learned about the life-long health challenges faced by Jackie who has Cystic Fybrosis. Her resilience and ability to find a ray of sunshine in any situation along with keeping up that positive attitude was inspiring. She certainly makes the most of her life, and strives to achieve her dreams, all while she faces daily challenges.

“You can dwell on the negative, play the victim and wear the weight of the world on your shoulders, or you can pull apart your situation until you find a little bit of sunshine. Cling on to that. Use every ounce of strength you have to stay focused on the positive. Train yourself to smile even when all you want to do is cry. Don’t get me wrong we all need to cry, to yell and to shout, but only give it the time it requires, nothing more. When you’re done, pick yourself up off the floor. You don’t belong down there. Focus on you. Live your best life. Be kind. Radiate sunshine. Fall in love with yourself and then spread that love. Share it with the world. Wake up in the morning and decide that today will be a good day. Choose to be happy. Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when it’s shared, so sprinkle it everywhere. I promise you, you will feel it come back. You will feel love, grace, gratitude and hope.”

Young Jeweller's Award

It is with heartfelt gratitude that the Year 11 and 12 Jewellery students completed their task to make a piece of jewellery with a black pearl, kindly donated by Latitude Gallery in Geraldton. Pia Boschetti, Owner of Latitude Gallery, once again and very generously gave an Abrolhos black pearl to every student undertaking a Jewellery course at two high schools in Geraldton. Following a strict timeline to be ready for the presentation evening held in the last week of Term 2, pieces had to relate to the theme Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. This, at first, seemed difficult but as students brainstormed, the ideas seemed endless.

Every student entering is congratulated for their efforts because designing a piece, making prototypes and then the real piece in silver in 8 weeks means the pressure is on for the entire term.

Some notable work includes:
  • Savin Vinod for his multicultural star made from brass, copper and silver. A very difficult piece to make, he was commended by the jewellers as excellent work.
  • Ethan Godly for his quirky basketball pearl ready to be slam dunked through a hoop with netting below. It was very clever.
  • Lily Riley for her netball inspired ring.
  • Shenae Orlando for her delicate soldering of her fancy bezel wire with holds the pearl.
The winner of the Principal’s Choice Award was Kaylee Meyer. Her South African inspired flower was made from copper with silver ends on the stamens. One stamen supported the pearl which was carefully mounted at the end. The clever design was followed through with exceptional craftsmanship.

Savin’s piece won the People’s Choice Award. This was voted by members of the public as they visited the Gallery.

The Jeweller’s Award went to a student from Nagle Catholic College.

Both Kaylee and Savin will spend a day at Latitude Gallery with Rod, a professional Jeweller, to learn more about the industry. What a wonderful opportunity!

Craig Clarke, Jewellery Teacher
Welcome to Country
Tourism Summit

Tourism students attend CGG Tourism Investment Summit

Last term, the Year 11 and 12 students studying the Certificate II in Tourism were treated to a day out at the City of Greater Geraldton Tourism Investment Summit. The day consisted of presentations from high-profile stakeholders and was an opportunity for industry, policy makers, regulators and funders to share information, understand opportunities for success and help align priorities for future industry development. Students took full advantage of the opportunity to mingle with key-note speakers during the break. So much so, that Professor Ross Dowling OAM paid a public compliment to the Geraldton Senior College students on stage, before his presentation regarding the high-level thinking within their questions and conduct in representing the college. Leroy Shiosaki also participated by sharing an excellent didgeridoo performance during the Welcome to Country.

Rocketing through the last day of term

As part of the end of term STEM focus in Year 10 Science, a rocket design competition was on the cards. It ran over several days between three classes. Students came together in groups to employ the engineering design process of ‘Design, Test and Refine’ to build a rocket that had stable flight characteristics and a good range.

The interclass competition finished up with a variety of tests to allow the performance of the rockets to be measured. This included travelling a straight line, distance, shooting the rockets through hoops and into buckets to win points.

The competitive nature of the activity motivated the students to build a number of prototypes that were refined until the perfect design was found. Thanks to Mrs Childs and Mr Errington for bringing your classes along to compete on the final days of Term 2!

Martin Sellar, Science Teacher

Speaking of rockets... let's get the low-down on Space Camp!

Amid a field of spacecraft lies the US Space Camp and the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama where 5 GSC students experienced the challenge of a lifetime.

Grouped together with 10 American students who were from all over the US, the 15 students began to get to know each other and explore the environment made up of a schedule of exploration, tasks and speakers. The GSC students discuss their favourite moments.

One of the most memorable activities was a 3 hour mission to Mars where students began with an overview of positions that each student would have. Students volunteered to take on specific roles in negotiation with the group. Each person then received a checklist and timeline to tell them when to sleep, exercise and complete specific tasks. It was up to each student to self-monitor to ensure he/she contributed to the mission. Things certainly went array as members fell ‘ill’ unexpectedly. Jasmine, the ‘Chief Medical Officer’ said, “All of a sudden, we were bombarded with injuries and electrical faults. The Deputy Chief Medical Officer and I had to quickly assess the situation and prioritise those who were in most dire need of medical attention. We really had to think outside the square to help these people as the equipment and environment were not the same as what we are used to every day.”

“My most memorable activity was called the ‘Pamper Pole’,” commented Casey. “We had to wear a full body harness, climb to a height of approximately 5m and stand on a small platform that would just fit your feet. The next part of the task was to leap off to touch a rope a few metres away as 8 students belayed you to safety. Perhaps it was a trust exercise but the pole was outdoors, swayed in the wind and didn’t have any mats or anything to break a fall.

“I didn’t realise how scared of heights I was until I started to climb that pole. I did achieve and surpass my goal of climbing over half of the pole and made it up to the top.”

Another favourite moment included diving in a large tank and testing the idea of neutral buoyancy. In the tank, the students had bowling balls that felt as light as basketballs as they tried to shoot them through hoops. There were pipes to climb and ‘torpedoes’ to shoot. Though things didn’t quite go in the direction that there were expected to.

Students tried on simulated space suits which were fitted with an ice vest inside to help control the internal temperature. In another activity, students were strapped into a chair and taken for a moon walk to simulate how it felt to move with no gravity. “I was surprised that it took a lot of effort to move,” said Jacob.

The students fared extremely well in their challenges, earning the ‘Commander’s Cup’ badge at the conclusion of the camp. The whole experience enabled them to see how potential future careers in areas such as engineering and health apply to industries such as going out into space.

Outstanding effort in Outdoor Education

Our Year 11 and 12 Outdoor Education students participated in a range of outdoor activities on day trips earlier this year. Students were required to engage in detailed research, risk management planning and goal setting in the lead up to these expeditions to ensure that their day was a success.

The Year 11s started at Drummond’s Point where students engaged in a range of activities including snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding and surf rescue. From there, students carried their rucksacks and commenced a 3km hike towards Sunset Beach. On arrival, each group worked together to cook meals they had planned during class time on portable gas stoves.

The Year 12s required students to ride mountain bikes from the college up to Drummonds Cove. Students spent the weeks prior to the expedition training, learning to maintain bikes and addressing all potential risks that could arise on the trip. On the day, students rode with buddies and used checkpoints to ensure that everyone was accounted for at each step of the way. On arrival to Drummonds Cove, students cooked their own lunch in groups and made their way to Glenfield Beach for body boarding.

Overall, the day trips were a great success. Students were well prepared, responsible and willing to embrace all challenges they were faced with throughout the day. All classes represented Geraldton Senior College exceptionally well and can be proud of their achievements.

Miss Wellstead, Health and Physical Education Teacher

Young musicians gain experience from jazz orchestra

A visit from the WA Youth Jazz Orchestra left Geraldton Senior College music students with a vibe of positive energy and experience with improvisation and jazz. After a short performance, small groups of students matched with orchestra members who play like instruments, enjoyed tuition on note scales, style, improvisation and confidence building. Students had opportunities to play solos within their groups while the other instruments held the background tune.

Timothy Stewart, Band director and Music Teacher said, “With a mixture of classical and contemporary music students at Geraldton Senior College, this visit from WAYJO has taught our students how to gain the confidence they need to perform different styles of music under pressure, and expand their skills in sound projection, new rhythmic patterns and chord progressions from memory.

“Jazz music has been a part of the Year 10 program for the past three years and this workshop has provided students with a hands-on approach playing alongside professional musicians. This is beneficial for their progress. This experience will support Year 7 students coming into the instrumental music program in 2019.”

“As a classical musician, I find playing jazz challenging,” said Tom Grice, a Year 12 ATAR Music student. “The experience was interesting and certainly helped me better understand how my instrument fits into that style of music.”

Mace Francis, Artistic Director of the WA Youth Jazz Orchestra, brought a special energy about the workshop. His eagerness and engagement helped build the energy in the room.

“We appreciated the enthusiasm and willingness to participate from the Geraldton Senior College students,” commented Francis. “Music is amazing, you can have a flat morning but as soon as we all start playing, everyone is happy. We have been gifted so much energy this morning.”

Francis spoke about the regional tour visiting Midwest schools. The group also performed a free community concert at the Queens Park Theatre in Geraldton.

“The purpose of the tour is to reach out to other audiences and school students. We mostly play in and around Perth Metro. We also collaborate and support other musicians of varying styles including hip-hop.

“The tour is also an opportunity for our band to get to know each other better and therefore play better together.”

The group invites new members through annual auditions from university and high school students as well as other youth. The group engages and challenges emerging jazz musicians, to inspire them to reach their greatest potential and to captivate audiences with exceptional performance experiences.

Students at Geraldton Senior College were certainly captivated as at the end of the workshop where they and the orchestra members stood in a circle playing together with yet another opportunity for student solos and further networking.

Metalwork projects give students a chance to stretch their skills

Students have been taking advantage of the equipment in the Geraldton Regional Trade Training Centre as they develop their skills over the year.

“Students have built bag cages for Waggrakine Primary School and are currently working on a wood-fire food smoker,” said Allen Read, Technologies Teacher. “This group has recently completed making a trailer for a quad bike, following designs that they drafted last year.”

“Students learn from the process by thinking about all aspects of the design of the item along with fabricating all components. They think about all sides including usability, restrictions and guidelines to make it roadworthy.

“They truly enjoy these projects as they are real-world tasks and give a great sense of achievement and purpose.”


A taste of metallurgical engineering

At a very interesting workshop delivered by Murdoch University, science students from all year levels learned that ore is a rock from which metal or minerals can be extracted from. In this Rio Tinto sponsored workshop, students conducted hands-on experiments to combine the ore with an acid and electrolyse the materials within the leftover solution to simulate the production of copper.

After the experiment, students reviewed their observations and saw how companies such as Rio Tinto apply this methodology to manufacture copper.

Students also learned about the thermite reaction between aluminium and iron oxide which produced molten iron. The fireworks of that demonstration were captivating!

Science Teacher Levah Bairstow said, “This workshop highlights the relevance of studying chemistry. My Year 10 class will be studying the concepts presented in the workshop this term.”

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 7 August - School Photo Day
Thursday 9 August - School Photo Catch-up Day
Friday 10 August - Halley Mile Race
Tuesday 14 August - Athletics Carnival
Tuesday 14 August - P&C Meeting at Geraldton Senior College - 6pm
Friday 17 August - PAIS Applications Due
Friday 17 August - Youth Literature Day
Monday 27 August - OLNA begins
Saturday 1 Septemeber - Spring Dance
Tuesday 11 September - P&C Meeting at Geraldton Senior College - 6pm
Friday 21 September - Final day of Term 3 and last day for non-ATAR Year 12 students
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