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Country Week 2018 gave our students the opportunity to display their skills and ability against schools all across WA in a highly competitive sporting environment.

I hope that the friendships, memories and experiences that you all gained from this Country Week will be taken away with you for many years to come, and remain a highlight of your time at Geraldton Senior College. Especially for those of you in year 12!

I am very proud of the sportsmanship and maturity that was displayed by our students. I commend the Geraldton Senior College Country Week group on their efforts that truly encompassed our school values of respect, responsibility and doing your best.

I would like to once again thank all of the individuals who contributed in some way, irrespective of the role you played. It was this collaborative effort that achieved such a rewarding and successful week.

If you are interested in attending Country Week in the future, I strongly encourage you to attend tryouts next year and starting now… make a conscious effort to meet the selection criteria. This includes maintaining a high school attendance, wearing our uniform correctly and behaving appropriately in all of your classes.

Year 10 students and Year 11 students… now it is your opportunity to represent our school and continue the high standard that has been established by the 2018 Country Week Team.

Thank You!

Hendrix Stone and Aleisha Hosken, Country Week Co-ordinators