From the ambitious university-bound student, or the student who wants to ‘leave their options open’, to the young person wanting to enhance their communication skills for employment, the English Learning Area covers a range of courses catering to the needs of all students.

Our English teachers are all passionate about sharing their love of learning through reading a diverse range of texts, exploring popular culture and developing an individual’s appreciation of the wider world. Our ethos is to provide a very caring and supportive environment for every student to achieve personal success. Teachers are committed to delivering curriculum and learning that is scaffolded to skill build and empower students through the process of challenging opinions and beliefs to stimulate thought-provoking responses.

Each classroom has access to a bank of laptop computers for individual student use. All text books, novels and expository texts are provided for students to use in their English course. We have a commitment to instil the value of life-long learning by exposure to classic texts and the new!

For the stage 3 English student, free tutoring is conducted before school one day per week. This enhances the understanding of course concepts, facilitates revision strategies and supports examination techniques. All students have the availability of an English teacher to support their learning at a negotiated time before school, after school or during lunch breaks.

We pride ourselves on the success we achieve through participation in the Randolph Stow Young Writers Awards each year. All students through their English class are encouraged to submit entries in the prose and/or poetry categories. Our students often feature prominently in the Middle and Senior School categories.

The English Learning Area is dedicated to improving the educational, emotional and future outcomes for all Geraldton Senior College students. We look forward to welcoming you!