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Geraldton Senior College offers many programs to engage youth and cater to their individual needs in order they may discover their potential and develop skills.

One of these is the Skilling Through Enterprise Program – STEP. A group of up to 28 students may apply to enter through interview a specially designed alternative Year 11 course that combines academics with real life practical experiences. The students are interested in gaining a career in trades and flourish through hands-on experiences.

STEP allows students to explore their interests, to develop real skills and preserve their options. It is a flexible program with lots of community involvement and students can achieve industry standards in one year.

The course operates from improved dedicated facilities and enjoys opportunity to access the Trade Centre opposite. The base is arranged as a purpose sub-school where students enjoy taking responsibility for their site within the campus. This discrete ownership complements the STEP model of delivery where they enter as employees into a model enterprise to practice business skills, etiquette, hospitality, interview skills and customer service while developing trade skills in wood and metal work. This model allows the program to earn an income through sale or hire of goods constructed by students. The funds are used to purchase advanced equipment or materials, or hold celebration reward occasions. The students are inspired by the host of past graduates, tradesmen and guests who visit and lecture on special topics.

A team of dedicated staff has guided and developed STEP over twenty years to it becoming an “island of excellence”. They round off the program by sharing their own personal experiences, organizing excursions to real worksites and using facilities at Central Regional TAFE.

The program commenced in 1993 and its graduates have enjoyed great success. Many move into apprenticeships, further education such as year 12, pre-apprenticeship programs, or the workforce. Over the years, the success stories of graduates grow with many developing careers in management and supervisory roles.

If this program may suit your child please contact a Deputy Principal at Geraldton Senior College on 08 9965 8400 for eligibility requirements and interview.