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Geraldton Senior College is storied in history and started life as Geraldton Senior High School in 1939. Since then it has been at the forefront of providing quality secondary education to students from all over Western Australia.

Located next to the city centre in a parkland environment the school is one of the architectural highlights of Geraldton. The school caters for Years 10, 11 and 12 and runs a diverse range of academic, vocational, social and service programs for around nine hundred students.

The total school staff is over one hundred. More than seventy are teachers, while thirty are employed in a wide variety of curriculum and support roles. Geraldton is seen as a desirable teaching location and the staff is highly experienced and motivated.

Students attending the college come from Geraldton and its suburbs, plus surrounding towns and farming properties. The school is served by an extensive local bus service. Students are able to board at the residential college adjacent to the school.

The student population represents the multicultural nature of Geraldton with many from Aboriginal or Cocos Island communities. About 24% of our students are Aboriginal and we have one of the highest enrolment of Aboriginal students of any senior high school in the State. A further 2% of our students are Cocos Malay.

The Language Centre incorporates the Warlugurra Walgamanyulu program for Aboriginal girls is located on campus. The Gigaman Gawala program (formerly known as Kicking Goals) achieves 100 per cent graduation for our Aboriginal boys.

While there is a strong emphasis on academics the school also features highly successful programs in vocational education along with workplace training, Aboriginal traineeships and TAFE linked courses. We offer an array of Vocational Education and Training programs that cater for the variety of student learning styles interests and career aspirations. We partner with a range of industries for workplace experiences, Central Regional TAFE and other registered training organisations.

Geraldton is the leading exporter of Western Rock Lobsters throughout the world complemented by a flourishing aquaculture industry. Boating and Marine Science programs are popular.

Students are encouraged to participate in a range of state and national competitions in academic areas as well as music, drama, dance and sport.

To keep up with the pace of new technologies and expanded learning the college features adaptable learning areas with high levels of broadband connectivity and specialised infrastructure. That said we reflect traditional values and expectations. The wearing of school uniform is supported by parents and strongly encouraged as a symbol of pride.

The school is highly regarded within the Geraldton community. Meaningful relationships between teachers, students and families are considered vital to the ongoing success of Geraldton Senior College. Students leave Geraldton Senior College happy and secure in themselves because they have had the right balance of learning.